Stains, Dyes, Metallics

Calibre Flooring offers expert advice on the use of water-based and acetone dyes or acid stains for your concrete applications. These processes create the illusion of texture to your concrete, adding a new depth and richness. Acids can react with the minerals in plain concrete to provide an antique look much like weathered stone or perhaps expensive marble or slate. It’s a unique process that deceptively creates this current trend in concrete finishes. Another popular choice to give concrete floors a splash of colour is a dye system. The surface of the concrete still appears transparent, giving you that solid, concrete feel, yet the colour from the dye provides a unique, quality feel. Design features such as logos and other branding elements can be incorporated during the dye process. Let Calibre Flooring discuss this option with you.

For an experiential floor coating, consider a metallic pigment. Added to 100% solids epoxy, this unique pigment creates a dappled, partially transparent sheen to your surface, similar to the effect of an acid stain. A shimmering, metallic stain is a highly decorative touch that will create impact, as the surface will reflect light rather than absorbing it, creating eye-popping depth and dimension. Learn to achieve this amazing look to your concrete surfaces with help from Calibre Flooring.

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